Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is LogicGem?

LogicGem is a software tool designed for software developers and business analysts to create and verify a set of business rules. These rules are defined using a decision table methodology and LogicGem ensures they are logically complete.

For the programmer, the business rules are in fact functional requirements for a software application which is translated into a programming language that becomes part of the application. For the business analyst or domain expert, the same need exists except for translating the logic to a programming language. Business analysts need to develop concise business rules that represent real life or proposed business processes.

What is the current version of LogicGem?

The current version is LogicGem 4.0 Build 4015 released on February 21, 2024. You can review the release notes for more information about what has changed with this version.

Is there a trial version of LogicGem available?

Yes. When you download and install LogicGem, you will be given the choice to install the software with or without a serial number. Installing without a serial number will create a temporary evaluation license which is valid for a period of thirty (30) days.

LogicGem is fully functional during the evaluation period. After the evaluation period ends, you will either need to purchase a license or uninstall the software.

Are there tutorials available for LogicGem?

Yes, we have tutorial videos available on our YouTube channel for both programmers and business analysts. They provide a general overview of how LogicGem can be used to create a decision table, validate that it is complete and generate either source code output or a natural language description of the complete set of rules.

Is there additional documentation for LogicGem?

Yes, there is a QuickStart Guide and a User Guide available, as well as context-sensitive help included with LogicGem as part of the installation package. LogicGem also includes several example decision tables you can use to familiarize yourself with the product.

What programming languages are supported by LogicGem?

LogicGem supports code generation for a wide variety of programming languages, such as Python, C++ and C#, Scala, Julia, R, MATLAB, and many others. In total, LogicGem can create logically complete code for over 25 different languages. You can also choose to output a description of your decision table rules using natural language for documentation purposes. A complete list of the supported languages is available in our User Guide.

Can LogicGem find the missing rules in my decision table?

Yes. After you’ve created a decision table, LogicGem can analyze the table and check for any missing rules. If it discovers you have missed one or more rules, it can automatically add them, ensuring your table is logically complete.

You have the choice of asking LogicGem to perform the analysis on the entire table and add all missing rules at once, or you can request that it step through the table and make the corrections one rule at a time.

Can LogicGem help me validate my decision table?

Yes, there are several features which you can use to ensure that your decision table rules are logically complete and unambiguous. LogicGem can check for any ambiguity in your logic and can disambiguate complex tables. It can also expand the table and find any rules you may have missed and remove any duplicated or unnecessary rules in your decision table.

Can LogicGem optimize the code generated for my decision table?

Yes, LogicGem will allow you to assign cost and frequency values to the rules in your decision table and these can be used to help optimize the code that LogicGem creates. If you have a large, complex decision table and you want to ensure optimal code generation, you can tell LogicGem to generate code using those cost values or the frequency with which you expect a rule to occur. You can also have LogicGem use heuristics to optimize the code for the best combination of the two.

Does LogicGem require an Internet connection?

LogicGem does not require a persistent Internet connection, however there are some functions which do require a connection, such as checking for updates. The core functionality of LogicGem, creating, validating and compiling decision tables, is performed locally on your computer system.

What are the minimum system requirements for LogicGem?

LogicGem 4.0 requires Windows 7 SP1 or later and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. The recommended platform is Windows 10 or Windows 11 with all current features and security updates installed. Please note that LogicGem 4.0 is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Does LogicGem include free software updates?

Yes, free updates are included with the purchase of a license for the life of the product. An update is when there are improvements and modifications to the software which changes the product’s build number but does not change the major version number. Typically, these updates are used to fix problems reported by users or to add minor improvements which other users have requested.

When the major version number changes, such as version 3.0 to 4.0, this is considered an upgrade release and will require a new license. An upgrade to the next version may be free if your license was purchased within 30 days of the new version being released.

What technical support options are available?

Technical support for LogicGem is available through our website using the Support Request form. Please include as much detailed information as possible, including the steps needed to reproduce any problems you may encounter.

In most cases, we respond to support related questions within a business day. Please make sure you have whitelisted the domain to ensure our support responses are not blocked by your mail server.

Is LogicGem compatible with previous versions?

The decision tables created with previous versions of LogicGem are compatible with version 4.0. If you are familiar with earlier versions of LogicGem, you’ll find the user interface to be similar but there have been many improvements in functionality. Please note that if you have LogicGem 3.0 installed on your system, you should not install version 4.0 into the same folder.

Do you provide support for previous versions?

Technical support for older versions of LogicGem is based on when the current version was released. Typically, previous versions will be supported for several years until they reach the end of their support period.

Technical support for LogicGem 3.0 ended a few years ago and is no longer available.

Purchasing Questions

How can I purchase a LogicGem license?

You can order a license through our website using our order form, or you can place an order through one of our authorized resellers. LogicGem is licensed per-user, and discounts are available if you need to purchase many licenses for your organization. Please contact our sales team for more information.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can purchase a license using a credit card or Paypal. We support all major credit card providers. If you have any questions about your payment options, please contact our sales team.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

No, it’s not required for you to create an account to purchase LogicGem or download updates for your software. We never share your personal information with third parties. If you’d like to learn more about how we handle personally identifiable information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Are my payment transactions secure?

Yes. All transactions on this website are encrypted and your personally identifiable information, such as your address and credit card information, are stored securely. Only our team members have access to your account and license information. We do not use third parties to manage our website or other online services and we never sell or license personal information to third-parties.

Are there discounts for students and non-profits?

Yes. We are pleased to offer discounts on licenses purchased by students and faculty of academic institutions. Non-profit pricing is also available to those in the United States designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization.

For more information, please contact our sales team and we can let you know what specific documentation we require to determine eligibility.

Can I upgrade my previous version of LogicGem?

The current version of LogicGem can be installed alongside previous versions. However, you cannot use a serial number from a previous version of LogicGem to upgrade to the current release. You will need to purchase a new license for version 4.0.

Can I continue using the previous version?

Yes. If you currently have a LogicGem 3.0 license, you can continue to use that version even though it is no longer supported. When you purchase a license for the current version, your license for the older version will remain valid.

Licensing Questions

What are the general terms of the license?

LogicGem is licensed to individual users, and you may install it on more than one system as long as you are the only person using the software. We do not provide site-wide licenses, so if multiple people in a company are using LogicGem, each will need their own license.

The complete license agreement for LogicGem is included with the product and can also be found at

Does LogicGem require any kind of subscription?

There is no annual subscription fee associated with your license. LogicGem 4.0 uses a perpetual license. When you purchase a license, it’s yours for the life of the product.

Can I install LogicGem on both my desktop and laptop?

Yes. Our license agreement allows you to install LogicGem on another device if you are the only person using the software. Please note that our licenses are per-user, so each person in an organization needs to have their own license.

Can I transfer my license to another user?

You can request that your license be transferred to another person within your organization if you are no longer using LogicGem. This can only be done once, and you will no longer be licensed to use software after the transfer.

It is not permitted to temporarily transfer a license to a contract developer and then return the license back to the original user. In this case, your organization would need to purchase an additional license.

Can I upgrade my previous version of LogicGem?

The current version of LogicGem can be installed alongside previous versions. However, you cannot use a serial number from a previous version of LogicGem to upgrade to the current release. You will need to purchase a new license for version 4.0.

Can I continue using the previous version?

Yes. If you currently have a LogicGem 3.0 license, you can continue to use that version even though it is no longer supported. When you purchase a license for the current version, your license for the older version will remain valid.

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