LogicGem Features

LogicGem is a Windows application designed to make it easy to create decision tables, validate the rules you’ve defined and then turn them into natural language documentation and programming source code. LogicGem gives you the confidence to know that the set of business rules you’ve created are logically complete, without any missing rules, redundancies, or ambiguity in your logic.

Whether you are a business analyst or a software developer, LogicGem simplifies the process of creating complex business rules. When you’re done, you’ll know that you’ve created a comprehensive ruleset without errors or missing information. If you’re a developer, LogicGem helps ensure the code you’re using to implement those rules in your application will cover all potential conditions.

Table Editor

LogicGem features a complete decision table editor which allows you to create and update tables using a familiar spreadsheet-style interface. Each table is called a worksheet, and you can have multiple worksheets open at one time. A toolbar provides easy access to the most common functions.

Table Compiler

After you have created your decision table, it’s time to have LogicGem compile the ruleset into a natural language document or programming source code. A wide variety of languages and formatting options are supported to make it easy to incorporate the code in your project.

Logic Validation

You will want to make sure that your decision table is logically complete. You could have missing rules, redundancies where you have multiple rules performing the same function or ambiguities where your logic is unclear. This is where LogicGem really shines because it will help you with all these potential problems.

Using the validation functions in LogicGem, you can check to make sure there aren’t any logical errors in how you’ve described your rules. You can ask LogicGem to remove any redundant rules, expand the ruleset and find any missing rules in your table. You even have the choice to ask LogicGem to add those missing rules all at once, or just once a time, allowing you to step through the table and make any manual adjustments you prefer.

Code Generation

For business analysts, LogicGem will compile the rules defined in your decision into human-readable, natural language documentation. It will describe each rule and the conditions under which it will occur and can be foundation for process documentation or technical documentation for software. You can use either English, French, German or Spanish.

For software developers, LogicGem will compile your decision table into one of over twenty different source code languages, including Python, Go, Java, C#, Scala, and a lot more. It even supports generating code for SAS macros, SQL procedures and 4GL languages like FoxPro and xBase. If you’re maintaining legacy applications, LogicGem also supports languages like Basic, Cobol and Fortran.

Rule Optimization

In addition to defining the basic rules of your decision table, LogicGem also allows you to add frequency and cost values to your rules. These can help the compiler optimize complex tables by defining which rules you expect to be encountered more frequently and the relative cost of applying them.

When you compile your decision table, you can choose to have LogicGem perform its default optimization, or you can select one of several options. For example, you could indicate you want to prioritize the frequency of a rule or its cost. LogicGem even has advanced heuristics where it will optimize the code generated using both values.


LogicGem includes both a User Guide and a QuickStart Guide which can help get you started building your first decision tables right away. The QuickStart guide walks you through creating several types of tables, explaining how they can be designed and the options you have when building them. Then, it will explain how to compile those tables into source code or documentation.

LogicGem also context-sensitive help built into the application. If you need assistance, just press F1 and the appropriate section of the help will get you pointed in the right direction.