LogicGem Videos

For the complete collection of LogicGem videos, please visit our YouTube Channel. Included are tutorials for both programmers and business analysts and our videos are available in several languages. If you are new to LogicGem, we recommend starting with these two videos.

LogicGem For Programmers

This video demonstrates how to use LogicGem to represent and complete the logic portion of a software development project. It starts with a description of the business requirements for the application, and then demonstrates how to incrementally build a decision table to represent the required logic.

After the table is logically complete, we finish up by generating programming source code which can be integrated into an application. We also show how LogicGem can generate detailed documentation for that code which you can include with your project.

LogicGem for Business Analysts

This video will demonstrate how to use LogicGem for creating bulletproof business logic. It describes a complex set of business requirements to show how easily LogicGem can address intricate logic and provide the business analyst with a sense of confidence the business rule set is complete.

Once the table is logically complete, we finish up by generating English language descriptions of the rules that can be used as the basis for process documentation or technical documentation for software.