Customer Reviews

Decision tables are a well-established approach for systematically modeling business processes and rules, ensuring all necessary conditions for making a decision are considered. LogicGem is a tool that allows you to visually design a decision table, validate its logical completeness, and then generate source code and documentation based on the defined rules.

For years, LogicGem has been a trusted tool for software developers and business analysts, helping them refine their business rules to establish robust logic for their applications. Here is a selection of the feedback we’ve received.

LogicGem is a brilliant product.

For many years I used a product called LogicGem to created logic tables and then generate FoxPro code for complex operations. Earlier this year I contacted them to see if I could get a new install as I had moved to a new computer and could not find my original install file, not only did they supply that, but they have just updated it and have a preview release of it available.

Take a look at the videos they have on the preview site. This is a brilliant product and will even output FoxPro code for you once you have completed the logic table.

Decision tables are an invaluable tool.

I’ve been a long-time user of LogicGem and started programming at a large local bank where logic and coding errors were unacceptable. I learned how to create and use decision tables, and that experience was invaluable to me in my career.

Managers and other developers were always amazed how bulletproof my designs and coding were. I think the current crop of system designers and programmers would be enhanced by this knowledge. Thanks again for making LogicGem available on Windows.

Keeping your code clean and simple.

LogicGem has lots of choices of language output which is good, and I haven’t come across any bugs or problems.

When I first started programming, I found myself always getting into these big hairy multi-nested strings of conditionals. Over the years I’ve found that simply is better. Occasionally, I find myself using big, convoluted conditionals. This is a good tool to help keep your code clean and simple.

LogicGem is a very useful tool.

As a programmer, I have found that the biggest area of problems is poor logic, and a tool such as Logic Gem is great for sorting them out.

LogicGem has proved to be a very useful tool. The ability to check for ambiguity and reducibility in large tables is an incredible timesaver. I am very pleased with the program and the fact that it’s available for the latest versions of Windows is great.

One of my favorite pieces of software.

This is one of my favorite pieces of software. I’m excited to have a version of LogicGem that supports current programming languages like C# and Java. I’ll read over the latest material, and I can’t wait for more time to work with it again.

Looking forward to the latest version of LogicGem.

So far I have been very pleased. I really like the ability to add the text description of the rule. I wanted to try it on a project later this week to see it’s real value in helping to determine conditional text on a retirement analysis.

Thanks, I’ve been looking forward to a new version of LogicGem over the past several years.