Product Licensing

LogicGem is licensed per-user, which means that each person using the product is required to own a license for their individual copy. It is important to note that our products are licensed to a specific user, not a company or organization as a whole. It is permissible to install the software on more than one computer system, as long as there is no possibility that the software may be used by anyone other than the licensed end-user.

For example, you are permitted to install a copy of LogicGem on a workstation, home computer and laptop as long as you are the only person who has access to the software. An organization may transfer ownership of a license from one end-user to another by contacting us at or calling our business offices at +1 760-228-9653 during normal business hours, Pacific time.

Technical Support

Technical support is available to licensed end-users and evaluators. If you have purchased a license and request support using a different email address, it may delay our response to you. Because our products are licensed to a single end-user, only that person may request support for the product.

When you submit a technical support request, please be sure to include your product serial number if you are a customer. This helps us streamline the support process and ensures that you get the fastest response to your question or problem. We look forward to meeting your needs today and into the future. We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve our products and services.