LogicGem Documentation

The complete LogicGem 4.0 User Guide and QuickStart Guide are available online as PDF documents, and they are also included with the installation package. You can find them in the same folder where you’ve installed LogicGem. Context-sensitive help is also available within the LogicGem.

QuickStart Guide

The QuickStart Guide will step you through creating several different types of decision tables and compiling them to create natual language documentation, as well as creating source code you can include in your software projects. This is a companion to the video tutorials we have available.

User Guide

The User Guide provides detailed information about all of the features and functionality in LogicGem. It includes a broad overview of how decision tables can be used, and how you create, edit and perfect them within the application. It also covers some of the more advanced features, such as optimization and assigning cost and frequency values to the rules you create.

Online Help

LogicGem includes context sensitive help which you can view by pressing the F1 key. Based on what you are currently doing in LogicGem, such as editing a decision table or reviewing code, it will display the appropriate section of the help documentation. You can also view an online version which is identical to what’s included with the product.